Four reasons to have a zero alcohol policy – especially if you’re a mother of three

In 2020, my husband and I have only had one single glas of champagne on June 12th, dedicated to our 10th anniversary. Other than that we have been faithful to our zero alcohol rule since New Year’s Eve.
And I doubt that we will ever be going back to drinking alcohol again.


Because I have been able to relax…

And for various other reasons. Let me take you along a couple of them

  1. I can eat without needing to restrict my calories. Alcohol has a lot of them. And simply drinking tea, water, coffee and some juice saves a lot on the calorie intake side.
  2. With that comes the feeling of not having to do so much sports all the time. Although we have had only very few drinks during the time that we were sill on alcohol – I am talking about a two-glasses-of-white-wine on three nights a week – I always felt the urge of going on a run the days after. For the past nine and a half months I was easily skipping work outs without feeling bad about it.
  3. Our three boys are testing my nerves. They have been testing my nerves the previous years just as much. The only difference – and it’s a huge one for me – is that I can deal with the stress they are causing much better. I still yell at them for awful behavior – but my threshold of what I think is awful behavior has risen. I associate this with our zero alcohol policy.
  4. My skin has improved. I am still 35 years, so I don’t look like a 25 year old. But I do look „better“ in the sense of healthier. Can’t really explain it.
A picture taken in August – at your friends‘ wedding.

At the same time as the zero alcohol policy we also started our vegetarian diet. Sometimes I even manage to stay vegan. So not all these great effects necessarily correlate with the zero alcohol-policy.

The take away message: stop drinking alcohol and stop eating meat 🥩 🍖

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