Exercise #2 Lifeview Reflection

Why are we here?

That‘s an excellent question. I mean, I consult teams on purpose driven work – Start with why – and so on. But thinking of my personal WHY, my personal IKIGAI, is an endeavor much harder to be done.

I always knew, I would want to have a family with a loving husband. In my envisioning I was thinking of two children, girls, and one husband with blonde hair. Not in my wildest dreams would I have thought of having more than two children or such a handsome man. I would have settled for way less than what I have actually been given. Which leads me to the next question: Is there something greater than us that is causing this „having been given more than what I would asked for?“ A God? The universe? Coincidence? Aligned planets?

Yes, I absolutely believe in GOD/something Greater than us/the Universe/aligned planets.

In times when I let it all happen, when I let go – literally let go – of whatever I am holding on to too tightly, I feel like there is relaxation and joy coming back to me. Whenever in my life I have trusted in the universe to send me the right signs and to open the right doors at the right time I have been given great opportunities. I am not kidding: I have chosen my now husband based on signs that I had felt the universe had sent to me. Little things that were too random to be caused by coincidence – they nurtured my trust in God/Universe.

What‘s my life for? I guess I have been born to this earth to grow 3+x little children and to make as many people as possible trust in their being OK and being enough. Cause that‘s what I truly believe. You are enough.