Design(think)ing your life

A couple of years ago, during my PhD at the University of Göttingen, I attended a class about building career paths for graduates from social sciences and psychology. I cannot not participate in such workshops or trainings.

And right the minute that I walked into the classroom I noticed a book with a cover in light blue that said: „Designing your life“. Although I figured that the title seemed somewhat esoteric, I did and still do contemplate the questions:

„What’s your passion?“

„Why are you here?“

„What quest has God sent you on?“

So now, just as turned 35 and have an excellent job that brings me very close to my Ikigai, that gives me energy, that I simply enjoy doing most of the time, I still think that I should give the Burnett/Evans’s book a try.

After all: applying Design Thinking to the process of living a life is an extremely intriguing idea on its own. Unique, original, outstanding. And that alone makes it worthwhile reading their book.

On theses following pages I guide you, dear readers, along as I try to answer all the questions and fulfill all the exercises that come with their book.

I am curious about where this will lead me…

Stay tuned for more.