Day 1 of the second half of my life

Yesterday, it was my 35th birthday. Given the life expectancy in Germany, I assume I have another 35 years of life ahead of me. If nothing gets in the way – illness, accidents, the end of the world.

I notice, that with approaching my 35th birthday, I became more aware of my state of health: my husband and I started a „no alcohol“-challenge on New Year’s Eve, and we haven’t had a single drop of alcohol since then. It feels so good that I will stick to that.

Also I started going from a „we eat everything: meat and vegetables“-diet to a vegetarian diet, now aiming at going fully plant based. This is mostly motivated by climate change and the ecological foot print of consuming meat. But as we go along I feel so much better – I enjoy cooking more. And shopping has started to be an exciting entertaining adventure lately – we are discovering dishes with ingredients we have never even heard of.

That my 35th birthday and these endeavors associated with healthy lifestyle and wellbeing cannot be a coincidence. I think I subconsciously compensate for knowing that I have grown older and that the quality of the second half of my life will heavily depend on my lifestyle and dieting.

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